We are in Mexico, and already having crazy adventures!
We arived in Mexico city at like 11:00 on Saturday. Then we took a four hour bus ride to our city, Tehuacan. We arrived in Tehuacan at like one in the morning. One of the ladies in charge of our school took us to a taco stand that night at around 1:30. I guess Mexicans eat dinner really late, so certain retaurants and taco stand are open until like, 5 in the morning. It is crazy, just like all of the Mexico. The adjective I would give to Mexico, if I could pick only one, is crazy, but in a good way. I am having so much fun and my emotions are completely messed with the culture shock, I am totally having crazy mood swings, but I am mostly happy.
On Sunday I stayed with a Ladie named Rachel who is sort of in charge of our school. She has a really interesting story, but I will tell you about her later. Rachel is LDS and her husband is actually the stake president so I was able to go to church. I couldn't understand a word, and they had me read some scriptures aloud in Spanish, all the Mexicans in the class found it very amusing. Of course the church is the same where ever you go, it was nice to have something that was familar. After church Rachel gave us some culture training. Then I was sent to my host families house, I was really scared! To tell you the truth I am still freaked out about it. My host mom is a english professor/lawyer/spanish teacher, she is actually going to be teaching the spanish classes for us teachers. I have 3 host siblings I sister that is three, who speaks english, and two host brothers that are my age but too embarrassed to speak english in front of me. I am having fun with them talking about politics with my host mom and tonight I was able to go to a parade full of American cartoon characters and crazy Mexican music. I have caught on to a little of Spanish, but everything is still pretty much jibberish to me. My host mom says that she gives me a couple weeks then I will get used to it . My host family is different than most, for one I don't have my own room, which is good but really hard for me, I pretty much share with my host mom amd my host sister. I have host siblings my age which most teachers don't. My host mom used to live in the US and for some reason she hates Mexico, which is sad. I think she feels like a foreigner becasue she spent so much time in the US. I only have one host parent, her husband still lives in Tennesse. The hardest part for me is my host sister, she is adorable, light brown hair big brown eyes, but she does not leave me alone. She is very interested in my things and some of them have gone missing already and she loves to touch me all over and if you know me I cannot handle being touched. This will be a good learning experience for me though, in so many ways.

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