Sorry, I have been really bad about positing lately. So much has happened. I have gone on two trips to Oaxaca. The place were Nacho Libre was filmed. And one trip to Puerto Escondido, one of my favorite beaches ever. I have been placed in a new host family whom I love. I am enjoying teaching very much. My stomach has been only having minor problems. I would like this post to be a post for all those that love me back home though, all those that I miss and who helped to make this trip possible for me. First of all, I miss my family, Mom,
Dad, Zach, Hunter, Leo, and Sierra, I love you so much, no host family could ever replace you. I miss my puppies, Rufio and Pepper. I miss you grandma and grandpa. I miss you Jenny and Craig, Ben, Denali, and Isaac, I miss teaching you Lizzy. I miss you Rosie and Blake and thank you for your little comforting comments Rosie. I miss you Jake and Jessica. I miss you Chloe, and I am sorry I can have Sam and Tosca with me and you can’t. I miss you Lynn, Bryan and max. I miss you Diane and D ean and Daniel and have actually been missing you for years. I miss my beehives, for how fun and loving you were, I miss getting up at four in the morning to go to the temple with you. I miss not having to take a three and a half hour bus ride to get to the temple. I miss OBD. I miss you Aimee, Karen, Anne, Less and even Mike. I miss the finishing school, all of my adorable well behaved students, they were so easy. I miss you Sue, Natalie and all of you girls who taught beside me. I miss my ward, I owe all of you so much, and the ward is what got me out here. All of you that donated, it would not have been possible with out you. I was amazed with all of the donations as were the people at ILP, I have rarely felt so loved. Thank You!
I Miss you all terribly and I wish I could be sharing this experience with you~ jazzy