mi vaccaciones!

Oaxaca, what can I say about Oaxaca. It was great! We were able to go some ancient myan ruins called Monte Alban it was quite indescribable. I would gladly go there again. I can't really say to much about it other than the fact that I enjoyed imagineing myself as some nephite in book of morman times walking its streets full of people with our open toe sandals and urban way of living, I wondered what great politicions walked up the steps of this pyramid everday. Who knows what type of things were taught on those pyramids, or maybe they do know, I actaully got some souveniour that apparently represent some god that they believed in or a medicine man or something. I bought way to much at monte alban, what can I say, it is those Mexican men, I cannot resist buying things from them, souveniours, nuts and juice are what all of my money has been going to. When they call me amiga I can't help myself my hand just reaches for that danero. I cannot refuse them, I tried one time and my words turned to either jibberish or cruel langauge "no danade" I was trying to say I don't have any money, or 'no mi gusta' when I wanted to say I don't want.

oaxaca city was fun too with some cool architecture and old cathedrals and some cool people and some cool markets, where I bought even more stuff, yay.
I just have to tell you all I love sam and tosca so much and I am so glad they are here with me