the seven day eclipse war of two deadly enemigos

(a gmail chat war me and hunter had while i was in mexico, i told him i would publish it, i have already contacted some publishing agencies but this will have to do for now. fogive the grammar, and spelling, one does not worry about such things during a battle.)
Sierra: guess from my typing habits who i am... do it! today!
me: hunter?
Sierra: fantastic dang
me: thank you
Sierra: she got it
me: do you really know who daddy yankee is?
Sierra: nope never heard who when what why where
me: he is a really popular mexican singer
Sierra: oh
me: you got me excited i thought you knew him
Sierra: like hillery Duff or Jerry seinfeild
me: no not at all like either of them , what are you talking of?
Sierra: jimmin ....................................................................................................................................................................................next saturday 4 4 eyouoq 3 3 ..... face .n < > __
me: am i supposed to crack this code by saurday or something
Sierra: exactically
me: are you now a spy, is the family in trouble? am i not supposed to come home?
Sierra: it means french bullies are not nice and no and yes bird flue girl we dont except your kind
me: french bullies aren't nice, i had no idea, i thought all bullies were nice
Sierra: i mean................. surry
me: do don't tolerate the sick and afflicted how could you say such a thing
Sierra: i didnt write that
me: surry! that is my way of saying sorry, you thief, and yes you did write that
Sierra: i am apoled
me: what is apoled
Sierra: an outrage
me: what is an outrage
Sierra: this is surely not exceptible! out i say out
me: the fact that you are a thief, i agree it is ridiculous. thief! thief!
Sierra: this crued humor is making me sick to the pulp
me: pedafile
Sierra: you did not
me: oh, yes i did
Sierra: at least i have my dignity
me: want to take this outside
Sierra: you crinimal you are on
me: what dignity?
Sierra: 12 0clock the plaground
me: i am throwing you to the ground
Sierra: not around town
me: and kicking you to the pulp
Sierra: but me through you up slide
me: your asphalt kid
Sierra: ha what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
me: you read me
Sierra: did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: right
Sierra: You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eat dirt food pikow pughsh bam slay now down word super dog
me: kapow\ slank
Sierra: end ball/ultra kick
me: mexican drama
Sierra: pudding smash
me: diablo
Sierra: up the corner round about wet willey
me: around the block, under my bug
Sierra: down the nose
me: tush spankin
Sierra: to the mega elbow inuverable cow buck
me: under tug hang nail
Sierra: huhh i'm hit
me: that is right
Sierra: not like this
me: now you know not to mess with a mexi
Sierra: dont let my life end its too short, not like this not like this
me: your so dramatic, you are just giong to be pulverised you'll live to see tomarro maybe with out teeth but...
Sierra: no
me: you'll live
Sierra: { Hunter cheap shots jasmine to the nose} dead you are, ha ha ha, i win today but forever as well
me: oh, no you didn't! jasmine pulls out her loca zompie
Sierra: whuat
me: blood splat take that enemigo
Sierra: Not local zombie juice, no way hossai
me: it isn't local crazy, it's spanish
Sierra: eat squid meat pishuu
me: noooooooooooo, i am a vegetarian
Sierra: .............................................. bullets of slime
me: tongue twist with the pliers
Sierra: chicken wing PICOCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: make uped
Sierra: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` lazer nose attack
me: arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriba
Sierra: not Mario
me: super kick from top
Sierra: luigi upper cut coin slash
me: here somes puertos under toe
Sierra: boing
me: kersplat
Sierra: eat DR pills
me: killer shard attack not pills, i don't do drugs
Sierra: princess carrot unbrella shield piushhssh drugs are good
me: beached jellies throw, no they aren't
Sierra: no tortia block wall
me: tortilla, silly mermaid
Sierra: drrrrugs make you indo crapp'e
me: mermaid shriek under sea anenami
Sierra: mermaid pile driver
me: add them back
Sierra: anube crash landing ppppppppuuuuushhh pikow bluuuy
me: shuv
Sierra: bop
me: wedgie
Sierra: fffigiro
me: to the scalp
Sierra: blounk
me: falangy attack to the armpit
Sierra: falang {high voi ce} thermal sweater cover force
me: armored bear friend swing to the jungular
Sierra: {Hunter sneaks away}
me: jasmine uses her eye melt to melt away any thing in sight
Sierra: Jazzy is lost} {when will she be found} in the Jungle
me: when hunter is in plain sight to fling a chili at
Sierra: outer darkness she sees
me: chili covered grasshoppers can fly out of any outer darkness
Sierra: { oh no} CHILLE
me: don't under estimate the grasshopper either
Sierra: grass HOPPERS
me: you got some of that didin't you
me: all the way from oaxaca bebe, they can get through any portal and he chokes
Sierra: { HUNTER THroat swells
me: return to diable diablo
Sierra: ''WHY'
me: you scum ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa victory
me: i have VICTORY and jasmine was her flame thrower to throw down you back to those flames
Sierra: {HE SWINGS AROUND AND HAS MERCEY ON JAZZY THE LOOSER} HA HA o op,,,,,,,,,,,, see that face I made that face ""looser"" he he he
me: i see no face you soulless demon you will call me master !!!!!!!!!
Sierra: Jazzy ends up eating chilliie for the rest of her days
me: i am fine with that
Sierra: the end


mi vaccaciones!

Oaxaca, what can I say about Oaxaca. It was great! We were able to go some ancient myan ruins called Monte Alban it was quite indescribable. I would gladly go there again. I can't really say to much about it other than the fact that I enjoyed imagineing myself as some nephite in book of morman times walking its streets full of people with our open toe sandals and urban way of living, I wondered what great politicions walked up the steps of this pyramid everday. Who knows what type of things were taught on those pyramids, or maybe they do know, I actaully got some souveniour that apparently represent some god that they believed in or a medicine man or something. I bought way to much at monte alban, what can I say, it is those Mexican men, I cannot resist buying things from them, souveniours, nuts and juice are what all of my money has been going to. When they call me amiga I can't help myself my hand just reaches for that danero. I cannot refuse them, I tried one time and my words turned to either jibberish or cruel langauge "no danade" I was trying to say I don't have any money, or 'no mi gusta' when I wanted to say I don't want.

oaxaca city was fun too with some cool architecture and old cathedrals and some cool people and some cool markets, where I bought even more stuff, yay.
I just have to tell you all I love sam and tosca so much and I am so glad they are here with me


Sorry, I have been really bad about positing lately. So much has happened. I have gone on two trips to Oaxaca. The place were Nacho Libre was filmed. And one trip to Puerto Escondido, one of my favorite beaches ever. I have been placed in a new host family whom I love. I am enjoying teaching very much. My stomach has been only having minor problems. I would like this post to be a post for all those that love me back home though, all those that I miss and who helped to make this trip possible for me. First of all, I miss my family, Mom,
Dad, Zach, Hunter, Leo, and Sierra, I love you so much, no host family could ever replace you. I miss my puppies, Rufio and Pepper. I miss you grandma and grandpa. I miss you Jenny and Craig, Ben, Denali, and Isaac, I miss teaching you Lizzy. I miss you Rosie and Blake and thank you for your little comforting comments Rosie. I miss you Jake and Jessica. I miss you Chloe, and I am sorry I can have Sam and Tosca with me and you can’t. I miss you Lynn, Bryan and max. I miss you Diane and D ean and Daniel and have actually been missing you for years. I miss my beehives, for how fun and loving you were, I miss getting up at four in the morning to go to the temple with you. I miss not having to take a three and a half hour bus ride to get to the temple. I miss OBD. I miss you Aimee, Karen, Anne, Less and even Mike. I miss the finishing school, all of my adorable well behaved students, they were so easy. I miss you Sue, Natalie and all of you girls who taught beside me. I miss my ward, I owe all of you so much, and the ward is what got me out here. All of you that donated, it would not have been possible with out you. I was amazed with all of the donations as were the people at ILP, I have rarely felt so loved. Thank You!
I Miss you all terribly and I wish I could be sharing this experience with you~ jazzy


dancing with Teo

My pathetic attmpt to dance like a Mexican and a Mexicans attempt to dance like me

"the jasmine" he calls it